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BOOMERS. How We Changed the World !
Vol.1 1946-1980 A Generational Biography: Baby Boomers; Those Born from 1946 - 1964

ISBN: 978-0615-34032-6

1) those born from 1946 - 1964.
2) They number almost 80 million in the United States.
This Book is about YOU.

What kind of world did you inherit? How old were you when all of the major media were telling you (selling you) on how great drug use was? (The oldest Boomers were 11 years old and they never had a chance.)

How old were you when the pill, abortion, disease free, guilt free SEX was being sold by the media?
What was the price of oil as Boomers grew up? Who was the world’s largest supplier of oil? (The U.S.)

When did the dollar push the British Pound Sterling aside to become the world’s major currency?

When was the gold, YOUR gold, in Fort Knox, removed and sold abroad making a few people very wealthy?

How was President John Kennedy really assassinated and why?

What year did Pakistan become a country? (1947) Bangladesh? (1971) Iran? Iraq? Germany? Indonesia? (1945) China? (1949)

When did we begin to lose our “freedom of speech” ? (Landslide Lyndon Johnson)

How did we get to the point of allowing patents on human sperm that will encourage “Designer Children”?

What happened to our food supply,
changing it from the most envied in the world to the point today where even the poorest Nations do not want our genetically engineered food (GIF) and have passed laws banning its importation? While in the U.S. the government (YOU--We the People), have made it a crime to speak out against the food industry? Think not? Ask Oprah about what happened when she spoke out against the beef industry?

How did we the people get from being sold on the spiritual effects of LSD or a little very weak pot to the point in 1990 when over $500 BILLION dollars of drug money was being laundered every year in the United States alone? How did Drugs and Pornography
become the largest two growth industries in the United States and the world? What United States Presidents helped make the economy dependent on drug money?

What happened to the American dollar? When did we give up control of our money supply and our future as a Nation to World Bankers that consistently rob us with our government’s acquiescence? Why is participation through the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank no
longer a choice? (President John Kennedy was in the process of removing the power from the Federal Reserve when he was assassinated. Did you think the Federal Reserve was Your bank?)

When did Pharmaceutical Companies set a goal (profits-expanded markets) to have every American using at least one prescription drug? When did we begin to believe their marketing when we know that prescription drugs have many adverse side effects that are worse than the symptom they are treating? And many of these side effects then need a prescription drug to remove the symptoms that they generated, with new side effects that also may need a new prescription drug . . . and on and on and on, until you die.
BOOMERS How We Changed The World Vol.1, 1946-1980 and Vol.2, 1981-2010 directly and sometimes indirectly answers these questions and many others.

If you look through the data it is obvious how the citizens of the United States of America (YOU) fought for honor, decency, high moral values and against all of the warnings we started to slide ever so slowly down that path to where we are today. What so many of us do not remember is how long and hard we fought.

This book will mean something different to every person who reads it because we are all different with a common ground. Our intention is to take you back in time and allow you to feel exactly what it was like. This book should make you laugh and cry. It should pierce your heart and soul. The language has not been sanitized, it is as it was. Deal with it.

    BOOMERS. This book is about YOU.

Volume 1: The years from 1946 through 1980. You lived it. You suffered through it.  You enjoyed it, but does anyone really understand what we went through?

Did you ever try to talk to your grandchildren about the Vietnam War? Do they understand that while the “Easy Bake Oven” was the hottest toy for the Christmas season of 1963:

In China “The Great Leap Forward” was responsible for over 31 million deaths due to starvation and famine which remained mostly unknown to the western world.

The University of Alabama desegregated only after Governor George Wallace stepped aside when confronted by federally deployed National Guard troops.

Civil rights leader Medgar Evers was assassinated June 12.

Martin Luther King's “I Have A Dream” speech, August 28.

South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem was assassinated November 2.

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas November 22.

Jack Ruby assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald, November 24, on Live TV.

               This was the summer and fall of 1963!

Did you even remember that all of this was going on while you were in front of the TV watching “Petticoat Junction” or “The Fugitive”?

There is no way to explain all of this to your grandchildren and sometimes even your children just do not understand what the world was like for Boomers growing up. Give them a copy of this book and they will get a small glimpse into your world. This is in no way an attempt to document even 50% of what we lived through. It is more like looking at a photo album of the past. There are many quick moments of time captured that will jog your memory.

BOOMERS. How We Changed the World Vol.1 1946 - 1980. ISBN: 9780615340326

BOOMERS. How We Changed the World Vol.2 1981 - 2011. Soon to be released.